Tuesday, September 10, 2019

M7A2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

M7A2 - Assignment Example For instance, the researcher may influence the results of the study by selecting one group of employees or from his favourite profession for the stress at work research, and in so doing will skew the research findings to this group or profession ignoring the other professions who still face stress at work. In order to avoid this bias the research will employ random selection of the employees sample to be interviewed for my stress at work-places research. Voice The researchers’ voice in qualitative researches is evident mostly in the interview questions of the study and he should be wary of biased or skewed results. Therefore, the researcher should always develop his questions in a neutral manner to avoid their voice hampering the research findings and results as well. In my research, I will hire the services of professionals and my friends to review my interview questions for biasness to eliminate any chance of my voice altering research findings. Conclusion Therefore, researc hers in order to gain credibility of their research they should be wary of their voice and reflexivity influencing research findings. ... In this regard, employees are bound to balance work place demands as well as stresses that originate outside the work place. Today, most of the employees through their unions have considered going to court to fight for the improvement of their working environment, which they claim to be very stressful. According to Ross and Altmaier (2007), there are many bodies that have been formed by the authorities to scale down the stress rendered to the employees at the work place. These are stresses that are brought about by the inattention of the employer to provide a conducive atmosphere for the employees. Similar to any life challenge, stress has become one of the life challenges that need to be contained and controlled; in this case, there are some proposed ways of managing stress at the work place. Employees are advised to consider that they need to take personal responsibility by improving on their emotional and physical well-being. There is also the option of communication skills improv ement with co-workers and the management. Finally, one should avoid certain pitfalls by identifying those knee jerk habits and the attitudes aggravate the level of stress (Stranks, 2005). The researcher seeks to understand the percentage of employees in the work place who have a feeling that they are working in a stressful environment and the source of the stress whether from or outside the work place. Qualitative Methodology: Grounded Theory Method In the research to follow, the qualitative tradition used is the grounded theory, whereby the normal research processes is reversed. Instead of the hypothesis being developed before the actual data is collected, inductive and deductive reasoning is

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