Friday, September 27, 2019

Describe one of the major ideas you think was important in shaping the Essay

Describe one of the major ideas you think was important in shaping the colonies we have studied, and describe how it influenced the founding and the development of the colonies - Essay Example The colonies in question are, Massachusetts, Virginia, James town, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Connecticut, etc. After independence, these colonies developed their own systems of government. The main idea the British used in establishing these territories was the economic gain. The colonies in question are Massachusetts, Virginia and St James Park. This paper will discuss the main idea that the British used in founding and developing the above named colonies. The objective of the paper is to analyze how the idea helped the British to annex the colony and develop it. Another objective is to analyze the consequences of such ideas amongst the natives of the land. The questions this paper will try to answer are: The British colonized the Provinces of Massachusetts, Virginia and St James Park. The British settlement in Massachusetts Bay began in 1620 with the founding of the Plymouth County. The British exercised direct rule in Massachusetts with King Charles the Second introducing and enforcing economic control in the colony2. For instance the navigation acts passed by the British Government in 1660s sought to force the development of Colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia in favor to the development of England and stop colonial trade with France and other European states. The Navigation Acts were unpopular in Massachusetts and merchants found themselves disobeying the rules. The rule was also met with stiff resistance from colonial governors who refused to implement them and the activities of the crown agents were frustrated in order for this navigation policy act to be nullified. In 1686, King James the Second formed a colonial territory called the Dominion of England. This Territory was a combination of all British Colonial Territories into a one political unit. This was formed in order to enable England access more direct

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