Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Assign 1) Chpt 6 & 7 Assign 2) Soci DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assign 1) Chpt 6 & 7 Assign 2) Soci DB - Essay Example In the turn of old age or physical weakness, the spouse must be able to take hold of that responsibility of taking care of his or her partner, and it is only in that way that they can justify what long-term relationship means. Commitment has a particular role to play in long-term relationships. In an episode about marriage in the Oprah Show, there was one thing that she told her guests that really struck me. Oprah said that you will not be in love everyday in the entire course of your marriage and it takes your choice and effort to be in love. This is true about intimacy in long term relationships. This kind is not limited to heterogeneous relationships, because human emotions do not know any gender. What the heart feels is just the way it is, but the relationship existing between the couple, whatever their genders are, is universal. Long term relationships cannot stand with love alone, as love has the tendency to outgrow and consequently ending the emotion. Whereas if a long term-re lationship would rest in commitment, responsibility, acceptance, and respect, there is more chance for love to grow.

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